As ErMir Jewelry; By serving in the gold, diamond, watch and silver industry since 1991, we have strengthened our place in the industry with solid foundations and passionate determination. In 2001, we had the privilege of offering fast and regular service to a wider audience by opening our stores all over Turkey.

Countries from Central Europe, such as Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland, have priority in our customer portfolio. As of 2001, we expanded our service network and reached countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Since 2006, we have expanded our portfolio by adding Hungary, Romania and Slovakia in Eastern Europe.

As Er Mir Kuyumculuk, we produce approximately 70% of our products with our original designs and our own production. All rights and presentations in our handcrafted products reflect the original values and vision of our company.

Our priority has been a business approach that is as flawless and valuable as a diamond, and as pure and clean as gold. It is our greatest pride and aim to present these core values to our valued customers at every step of trade.


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