Diamond Crown Model Ring 14 Carat

Diamond Crown Model Ring 14 Carat

Discount Rate : %50 Discount
Price : $2,769.17(Vat included)
Discounted : $1,384.57(Vat included)
Color:Green Gold
Product Type:Diamond Ring
Dimensions:15-16- 17cm
Gram: 7.56gr
Diamond:0.77 carat

Diamond, It is a rare and valuable stone in nature. In the jewelry industry, the use of expressions that determine the purity of the diamond stone and affect its value is quite common. These expressions; It includes classifications such as VS, SI, VVS, VSI, VVSI and SII and is directly related to the natural structure of the diamond.

The diamonds we use in our products are in their natural state after being extracted from nature and cut, without any laboratory processing. is attached to our products. Thus, our valued customers feel the difference in the quality of our products without worrying about their purity and naturalness.

If you would like to discover the natural beauty of diamond, one of the rarest examples of precious stones in the jewelry industry, you can examine the products on our website.

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14 Ayar
7,56 gr
Diamond Color
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