Zircon Stone Solitaire Ring 14 Carat

Zircon Stone Solitaire Ring 14 Carat

Price : $358.24(Vat included)
Color: Green Gold
Product Type: Ring
Dimensions: 14-15-16  ;
Gram: 5.20

We use in our products Zircon stone is exactly similar to diamond and has a high quality. Zircon stone is an artificial product made in laboratories and not extracted from nature. Zircon stones, cut like diamonds, have a bright, clear and cleansing energy. They are also known for having a strong effect on our dreams.

Zircon stone has a strong effect on focus, inspiration and perfection. It is also frequently used to relieve depression and is preferred by people with sleep problems. For this reason, zircon stone can be an ideal option for people looking for support both in daily life and spiritually.

If you are someone who prefers the use of artificial stones as well as quality and natural stones in the jewelry industry, you can find the zircon stone on our site. You can review our products. We welcome you to our site to discover the power of zircon stone and create a positive impact on your life

14 Ayar
5,2 gr
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